King David Laʻamea Kalākauaʻs famous quote, “Hula is the language of the heart and therefore the heartbeat of the Hawaiʻian people” reminds us all of our deep cultural roots by which the hula has given us LIFE! If you are a hula practitioner and you are one who says, “I have discovered and found hula,” that perhaps it is “hula that had found you!” For those of us that are devoted to its traditions, its legacy, its discipline, the hula is truly the lifeline of our existence.

HOʻOLAMAU has gathered some of Hawaiiʻs renown Kumu Hula and their hālau hula in a television series to restore hula back into our lives after a year of a terrible and foreign disease that washed upon our shores. Hula has never failed us! Therefore, we must breathe life and restore the hula we all love, cherish and devoted ourselves.

Hula is not just about expression, emotion or behavior, it is LIFE! And for many Kumu Hula we are always learning! And to never stray from our pikoour link!

We must all be in it now! To restoring the hula to its resilience. And to indulge once again in its poetic beauty, its spiritual endeavors, and the joy it brings to thousands of practitioners.

Hula knows no bounds. It has learned to adapt, survive, and thrive through the generations of the Hawaiian people. Today, we must do the same. And allow hula to thrive, overcome, and be
triumphant in the face of adversity.

And so we must continue on. And onward we shall together!

Blaine Kia

Email: blainekia@gmail.com 
Website: blainekia.com